“A little Special”

As often as we can, we try to offer an item of the week or month. These items vary from Chef Mikes famous Pasta Fagioli to different types of Arancinis, to even French Bread Pizza. Specials are always Home Made and usually depend on stock and seasonal items being available. Please check below for availability, and pricing.


At Sonny's, we have Arancinis that come from Brooklyn to home made soups. We have seasonal items like fish filet during Lent and cranberry chicken salad in spring. We try to observe trends while also maintaining original and innovative taste, all the while honoring fan favorites. Our specials and limited time items rotate often so make sure to check back weekly. The Covid- 19 Pandemic is impacting everyone and we realize that getting out to get food may be difficult right now. During this stressful time will be selling pre-made meals served in BPA-Free, Freezable, Dishwasher safe to-go containers. Please check out the Specials  Menu for the rotating items.
  • Soup of the Week

    Home Made Soup rotated weekly. We do get creative, but some of the usual repeats are: Turkey Orzo, Pasta Fagioli, Chicken Corn Chowder, Chickchicken w/Rice, & Minestrone.

  • Turkey Tortellini

    • 12 oz Cup $3.50

    Home Made soup of the week. 


  • Hot items and updates of the week!

    Comming Soon!  Look for updates below. Specials run while supplies last.



  • Arancini of the week! SOLD OUT

    • 1 ball $2.95
    • 3 balls $8.75

    Next shipment TBD

  • WEEKLY SPECIAL: Pre Made Meal – Baked Ziti w/Meat Balls

    • 1 serving - 3/4 lb $7.99

    Home Made Baked Ziti with 2 Meat Balls, and a bread end.

What makes it Special?

Time….Ingredients….Love?? Ok maybe not Love, but definitely the first two. We’re sorry if we have run out of your favorite item or have not had time to craft a new one but don’t worry, it will most likely be back. If you have special requests, or questions on Specials and when they might return, Please ask the staff. And as always, PLEASE call ahead for any availability questions.