Yes! Sonny’s absolutely caters! We offer a range of classic home made options as well as some takes on restaurant favorites. Catering and home dining comes in all shapes and sizes so its only natural for the menu to do the same. To that point, we have suggestions and fan favorites on this site, but they in no way represent or limit our range. The best way to see if Sonny’s is a good fit for your event is to call or come into the store and have a consultation with Chef Mike or Lisa.

We offer catering options for the following but not limited to:

  • Pick it Up: We can have it heated and “ready to serve” or give you heating instructions so you can decide when to serve it.
  • Corporate sites: From outdoor popup tents, to conference room lunches, we will work within your company’s budget to offer tasty and efficient options.
  • “Big Yard” Events: From Graduation parties to block parties, we can offer an array of buffet and BBQ style dining.
  • “Kitchen Takeover”: We come, we cook, we clean up, you eat and relax. This option can host small or large parties, depending on your kitchen size. We use your kitchen and act as the waiting and serving staff.
  • BBQs: Don’t have a grill, no problem. We’ll get one and man the pit station for you.
  • Bereavements: Not every event is a happy one, but food is always the one item that seems to make people feel just a little bit better.

Below are some options we offer as template ideas, but all dishes, serving sizes, and prices will vary. As mentioned throughout the site, the best way to plan your event is to call and speak to a senior staff member.

As an added feature, we have also been able to partner with an extremely talented Pastry Chef, Chef Dawn Frey, who is the Owner of “Cakes By Dawn”. She not only helps us round off our offerings the in store, but can help fill any pastry or cake needs you may have. You will need to contact her well in advance for any specific orders. Information can be found at the bottom of our CONTACT page.


A few examples of what we offer:
  • Baked Ziti
  • Eggplant Parm
  • Veggie or Meat Lasagna
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Chicken: Parm, Francaise, Cacciatore, and Marsala
  • Pulled Pork
  • Sausage & Peppers
  • If you don't see it here, donsen't mean we won't do it, just ask!

Party Trays

2 Slammer Tray $49.95
2 Slammer Tray w/Stuffed Olives $57.95
2 Slammer Tray w/Tomato Pie Bites $51.95
Antipasto Tray $65.95
3 Slammer Tray $65.95

Our Slammer Trays are made up of either 2 or 3 Slammer sized hoagies, Picked and cut up into 2.5 inch pieces, and arranged on a serving tray. This is the ideal item for easy, ready to eat finger food. Prices will varry depending on what type of Slammers you pick as the specialty Hoagies will increase the base price. 2 Slammer trays can also come with added goodies in the middle!

Eggplant Parm

1 Half Pan $45.00

Comes in a 12×10 inch hotel "hafl" Pan, Serrvies 8-15 People

Baked Ziti

1 Half Pan $40.00

Comes in a 12×10 inch hotel "hafl" Pan, Serrvies 8-15 People

Mac & Cheese

1 Half Pan $45.00

Comes in a 12×10 inch hotel "hafl" Pan, Serrvies 8-15 People

Home Made Lasagna

1 Half Pan Meat Lasagna $57.00
1 Half Pan Veggie Lasagna $50.00

Comes in a 12×10 inch hotel "hafl" Pan, Serrvies 8-15 People

Chicken Entres

1 Full Pan Italiano $95.00
1 Full Pan Parm $85.00

Served in a 12×20 inch "Full" Pan, Serrvies 8-15 People

Tomato Pie

Full Pie $22.00

Full Pie is approximately 30 slcies.